Nullifire S707/S708 Waterborne Intumescent Coating (For Structural Steel)

Unlike boarding and spray solutions, Nullifire intumescent coatings enable designers to use the structure as an integral part of the aesthetic design of the building. In addition, the advanced “thin film high solids” technology of Nullifire coatings ensures maximum protection, and enables a high quality finish to be achieved, akin to conventional decorative paint systems.

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Product Description
S707 – 30, 60, 90 & 120 Minutes Fire Protection On-Site & Off-Site Waterborne decorative intumescent coating for Structural Steel

Nullifire S707 is the most advanced range of water-based intumescent coating available today, fully tested and approved the S707 range offer fire protection from 30 to 120 minutes.

These water-based systems are also fast and easy to apply to in-situ steelwork, by spray or brush, and safe to use even in confined spaces. They are environmentally friendly and have no solvent odours and are therefore suitable for on-and off-site application.

S708 – 30 & 60 Minutes Fire Protection Moisture Resistant Waterborne intumescent coating for Semi-exposed Structural Steel

Nullifire S708 is the eco-friendly alternative to solvent-based products. In additional, S708 provides protection for fully-exposed steel for up to 6 months during the construction phase, whilst reducing Health and Safety and environment impact.

Nullifire’s innovative S708 coating is water-based. During application and curing, it is low odour and solvent emission-free.

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