Product Agency & Applicator-ship

obesco (1)

Exclusive agent in Singapore & Malaysia for ‘ABESCO’ range of fire protection products:

  • FR Mortar
  • FR Board
  • FR Acrylic Intumescent Mastic
  • FR Water-Based Silicone
  • FR Pipe Collars
  • FR Pipe Wraps
  • FR CT Cable Transit System
  • FR Foam

nullifire (1)

Exclusive agent for ‘NULLIFIRE’ comprehensive passive fire protection products:

  • FO100 Electrical Socket Putty Pad
  • B760 Intumescent Seal Bag for Trunking Protection
  • FS700 Dynamic Acrylic Sealant for Curtain Wall Fire Barrier
  • B300 Pipe Wraps for Plastic Pipes
  • S707/S708 WB Intumescent Coating for Structural Steel
  • M701 Intumescent Acrylic Sealant
  • M703 Silicone Sealant
  • M705 Graphite Intumescent Mastic
  • B220 Fire Stop Compound


Exclusive agent for ‘FSC’ fire rated system:

  • ‘FSC’ M-Core & C-Core System for DR/WR & Hydrant Pipe Protection
  • ‘FSC’ M-Core & C-Core System for General Pipe Protection
  • ‘FSC’ Fire Panel & Wrap System to protect pipes of nominal diameter larger than 150mm with thermal insulated or un-insulated material

Exclusive agent for ‘SOBEN’ fire rated system:

  • ‘SOBEN’ Firepro/FP 900 Fire Rated Ventilation Steel Duct
  • ‘SOBEN’ Firepro/FP 900 Fire Rated General Building Services Enclosures


Agent in Singapore building industry for ‘ISOLATEK’ fireproofing system:

  • ISOLATEK Type 300

Exclusive Partner in Singapore

  • Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Jackets

Exclusive Partner in Singapore:

  • Leak Detection System


  • Civil Transit Frame System (MCT Frame)
  • Round Transit System (MCT Plug)
  • EMC Transit System for Cables and Pipes

Approved installer for the following Fire Rated System:

  • ‘Promatect’ H Board for Ductwork protection/GBS enclosure/Ceiling Membranes/Solid Partition etc
  • Firetect Board for Industrial Wall Lining System
  • ‘Monolux’ Board for Ductwork Protection
  • ‘Knauf’ Fire Shield for Ceiling & Partition System

Related Engineering Work

  • Fabrication & Installation of mild steel grating for risers opening
  • Fabrication & Installation of SS/FRP Drip Tray & Acrylic Box-up c/w removable Top Panel
  • Hot Smoke Test in accordance to AS 4391 Standard
  • HDB Ceiling Duct Enclosure with Egg-Crate @ Bathroom, Access Panel, Suspended Clip-in Aluminium Perforated Ceiling @ lobby & General Gas/Water Pipe enclosure
  • Approved Scaffold Contractor – MOM Ref No. 084-010- 00681
  • Fabrication & Installation of jacketing for:
    • Gas Pipe
    • Hot Water pipe,
    • Chill Water pipe,
    • Chimney, etc